12/18 Santa Monica Pub Crawl for LA Weekly

i covered the santa monica pub crawl again for la weekly and managed to hit 11 bars (including Rusty’s, Big Dean’s, O’Briens, Main on Main, Lulas, Finn McCool’s, Ye Olde Kingshead, Britannia, Harvelle’s, West 4th/Jane, and Wokcano) amidst the downpouring rain to document the santas, reindeer and gingerbread (wo)men. PHOTOS NOW UP on laweekly.com and you can check photos from last year here as well. proceeds and canned goods went to the santa monica food bank and you can donate more on their website. FULL GALLERY OF 300+ IMAGES UP HERE AS WELL!

6 responses to 12/18 Santa Monica Pub Crawl for LA Weekly

  1. katie says:

    any way we can see out pics…we were at mcools when we met you…me and my girlfriend!

  2. hi katie, the first gallery should be up on laweekly.com monday night and then a larger gallery will be going up later this week and i'll post the links to both here as soon as they are up.


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