September Photo Inspiration- Christopher Andersen and Christian Poveda

Caracas, Venezuela by Christopher Andersen (Magnum).

a great photo of the grime, grit, dust and rain in caracas, to go along with his photo story in the new york times, which makes me want to do some travel reportage.

gangs in el salvador by Christian Poveda (1/12/57-9/2/09).

poveda was an incredibly brave filmmaker/photographer, witnessing 3 of his filmmaking crew members murdered during the filming of ‘la vida loca’ and still continuing to journey back before finally being ambushed and murdered by those he was documenting. a salvadorian photographer remarked: “Christian is just one of the 10 who will die today. If you look long enough down the throat of the lion, he will eat you.” rest in peace to a heroic documentarian.

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