6/17 LAKERS PARADE! (for LA Weekly)

a beautiful, peaceful, diverse and smiling/cheering/clapping crowd came together for the lakers’ parade in downtown los angeles. the parade was ridiculously well organized considering the short amount of time, so one has to wonder how long the lapd has been “secretly” planning the event. haha, probably before the playoffs even began. how’s that for lack of respect for the jazz/rockets/nuggets/magic. there have been a lot of debates about the costs of the parade in this economy etc. in the end, la spent $150k or less to bring 250-350,000 people together from all walks of life (not to mention all the revenue those people brought along with them in parking, food, merchandise etc) for a once in a lifetime (or every few years if you are the lakers) celebration that rejuvinated a city. hard to find many negatives in that.
check the LA WEEKLY ARTICLE for more:
kobe found my lens amidst the chaos to throw up a 4, one for each ring he has (see his puppet hand t-shirt as well). ice cube threw me a different version of the four ring sign.MORE PHOTOS and the LA Weekly article:

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