10/31 Hardfest for LA Times (The Guide)

You can check out my Hardfest photos in galleries on LATimes.com and Metromix. Per popular request I also just added my own gallery w/ 300+ images from the event HERE! The photos should be in the order they were taken, so if you are looking for photos of you (or Justice) later in the night they will be toward the end. Enjoy.

7 responses to 10/31 Hardfest for LA Times (The Guide)

  1. Anonymous says:

    where are all the pictures you took?? u took a few of me and my friends, im the girl who asked you for batteries for my camera and u told me to meet you at the submit tent. even if they are horrible i would love to have them my email is chelsrose8688@yahoo.com.thanks

  2. Anonymous says:

    hey. you took a few pictures of me and my friend and i’d really love to have them. we were the ones talking to you about how you lost your phone.do you want my email or are you gonna post the photo list? either way, please let me know!thanks so much :]

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