8/22 Sara B Tour Day 5

Day 5 brought us to Chicago and a radio show at The Mix followed by the concert at First Midwest Bank amphitheater. Jesse Carmichael from Maroon 5 joined Sara and band on stage for her awesome cover of The Beatles’ “Oh Darlin” (3rd photo down). The Counting Crows closed the night out w/ a sick set, preparing us for the final night of tour in Milwaukee where both bands would come together with Sara for an amazing sendoff. SLIDE SHOW from Chicago.

2 responses to 8/22 Sara B Tour Day 5

  1. suddenheat says:

    Hey, I was just looking through some of your Sara pictures, and then I come to these and it says I must have a password for that slideshow? Didn’t know if that was purposeful or not.. Thanks!

  2. hey, yeah, i’ve had some unauthorized use of my sara b images so i locked up most of the galleries for the meantime. check back soon tho as i’m sure i’ll open em back up. thanks, colin

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